It has been 19 years since I last smoked thanks to you. I was smoking two packs a day before I came to you. I have never smoked again. My health is now great and this is a result of my not smoking.

Ed Dankworth
State Senator (retired)
Alaska, USA

The Natural, Nutritional Approach

No Side-Effects
No weight gain, withdrawal or cravings. 

No "Cold Turkey"
You keep smoking as much as you wish until your craving fades. 

Natural Nutritional System
Repairs the nutritional deficiencies caused by nicotine

3-CD & Nutritional Program

The Habitbreaker™ program helps you overcome the three factors that chain you to smoking:      

  • Your physical addiction to nicotine
  • Your psychological addiction to nicotine
  • Your body’s nutritional deficiencies caused by nicotine

By addressing these three factors, The Habitbreaker™ helps you quit smoking with no side-effects, no cravings, no weight gain, and no withdrawal symptoms!

I'm Ready!
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